Seirin Picture Atlas of Acupuncture points

Seirin Picture Atlas of Acupuncture points, 1003807 [W11911], Acupuncture Books
The “Picture Atlas of Acupuncture” is a novel handbook of acupuncture. All acupuncture points along the main meridians, the extraordinary vessels Ren Mai and Du Mai and the most important extra points are systematically and clearly illustrated. A total of 409 acupuncture points are visualized by three color illustrations each. The “Picture Atlas of Acupuncture” gives beginners an overview of the most important acupuncture points. But experienced applicants, too, can quickly retrieve information about rarely used acupuncture points and expand their repertoire. The Chinese-German team of authors reconciles Far Eastern and Western views on acupuncture on 352 pages in softcover format. (Only available in German)
Item No.: 1003807 [W11911]
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Dimensions 24.5 x 30.5 x 3 cm
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ISBN 3-932119-40-1

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