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SAM4 Online – give your students an incomparable virtual auscultation training experience!

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The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the way classrooms and skills labs work. The most significant change in schools and universities is switching to online classes, strengthening the need to use the most effective tool for exchanging information between educators and students. Therefore, aiming to advance the scope of auscultation training on a 100% virtual basis, Cardionics is delighted to launch SAM4 Online - your complete online auscultation training solution!
What is SAM4 Online?
Developed by Cardionics, a 3B Scientific company, SAM4 Online is a next-generation online tool offering educators and students an interactive platform to engage in immersive auscultation training anywhere, anytime.
SAM4 Online benefits for the educators
Using the SAM4 Online auscultation e-learning platform, the educators can run training sessions’ virtually and make it an engaging and interactive experience. If you are a teacher, here are some of the benefits of using SAM4 Online from an educator’s perspective:
  • Customize lectures as per your preference: upload your own content or opt to use the curated Cardionics’ standardized Lessons
  • Easily manage multiple classes of students, viewing their results on an individual as well as group level
  • Demonstrate to your students over 100 high-quality cardiac, pulmonary, and bowel auscultation conditions
  • Utilize real patient sound recordings, 24 echocardiogram videos and 24 case videos - each with a corresponding description
  • Create, modify and grade assessments and view tests results
  • Track your students’ progress using SAM4 Online progress tool
Excellent learning tool for students
With SAM4 Online, students gain extensive knowledge that helps them identify different auscultation sounds and conditions. They can download the interactive SAM4 Online app to learn from their phones or access the learnings from their laptops, making the course of study even more handy and accessible! Using SAM4 Online, students can:
  • Join any number of classes and study alone or in groups
  • Listen to high-quality auscultation sounds across anatomically correct locations on the virtual female and male manikin
  • Learn to evaluate benign and pathological heart, lung, bowel, and bruit conditions
  • Navigate an intuitive app to explore Lessons, Sounds and Quizzes
  • Join a class quickly by scanning a QR code or following a link
  • Track their progress through the Lessons and study at their own pace
  • Put the information into context by viewing echocardiogram videos or Case Studies with real patient data
  • Reinforce their learning by doing Quizzes and Tests and see their development on the personal progress bar
If we have ignited your interest in enhancing your online auscultation classes using SAM4 Online, please get in touch with us to help you make it a part of your training program.
Read more about SAM4 Online here.