Practi-Human R & Isophane Pack (×40)

Practi-Human R & Isophane Pack (×40), 1024849, Practi-Bundles and Value Packs
New Product
The Practi-Human R & Isophane Pack, for clinical training only, provides all users/practitioners with the safest, most realistic Humulin® insulin practice. Each vial has been designed and labeled to accurately simulate isophane insulin and human regular insulin (Humulin®) vials as would be found in clinical use today.
The pack contains 20 vials labeled Practi-Insulin Human R and 20 vials labeled Practi-Insulin Isophane.
The Practi-Isophane contains an additive that mimics the action of its true drug counterpart hence it must be rotated, mixed, and promptly withdrawn before it precipitates out, to simulate the same process of the real medication.

Distinct Skills to Acquire:
  • The accurate use of the U-100 insulin syringe
  • Mixing, combining, and prompt withdrawal of short and long acting insulin
  • Reading and interpreting differing Humulin® insulin labels that often look-a-like
  • Identification and understanding the most commonly ordered humulin insulin medications
  • Identifying insulin injection site landmarks, and aseptic precautions when administering insulin
Qty: 40 vials

Product Content: Distilled water, barium sulfate

Item No.: 1024849
Weight 1.043 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 12.7 x 6.4 cm
Brand Wallcur
MPN: 409HM