Orbit™ Tellurium

Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
Application: ..
The Orbit™ Tellurium is an didactically valuable, appealing, and user-friendly model of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, comprehensively demonstrating the motion of these celestial bodies. The following lesson topics can be presented, analyzed, and discussed: 1
Day and night
Sun's movement across the sky
Variable duration of daylight
Moon phases
Solar and lunar eclipses and their cycles.

Product Information: ..
A bright lamp with a Sunbeam™ reflector represents the sun in the Orbit™ Tellurium, making shadow boundaries clearly visible. The size ratio of the sun/earth/moon is chosen to optimally display the motions of the celestial bodies. Alternatively to the rotation of all celestial bodies in unison, the rotation of the earth on its axis and the position of the moon around the earth can be manually adjusted.

Specifications: ..
Dimensions: 650 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm

Contents: ..
1 Tellurium with earth and moon in two sizes
1 Display cards showing dates, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses and phases of the moon
1 Small figure
1 Sundial
1 Detailed instructions in English
1 Mains transformer, 100–240 V / 6 V

Item No.: 1008661 [U19600]
Weight 2.538 kg

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