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New: P22 suture pad – an affordable & safe suturing training solution!

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Suturing as a skill requires the healthcare professional to have great hand-eye coordination, to know and master the different suturing techniques and applications, and to be confident and help the patient stay calm. All these traits can be perfected with practice in a safe environment using a simulated set-up in the skills lab. To make this possible, 3B Scientific is excited to introduce the new P22 Suture Pad.  P22 is designed to provide you with an affordable, safe, and incredibly realistic suture training experience.

Crafted with precision and innovation, this suture pad consists of three layers of high-quality 3B silicone skin that mimics the texture and feel of human tissue, while replicating the anatomical structure of human skin layers including the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Apart from this, another impressive facet of P22 is the accompanying proprietary base which enables the users to apply skin tension to the suture pad, enhancing the authenticity of their suturing practice. As you practice suturing on the new P22 Suture Pad, you'll be amazed by the sensible experience of touch it offers, closely resembling the sensation of suturing real skin without having to practice on cadavers.

Master a range of suturing procedures with ease!

Train your students to perform procedures of different challenging levels with ease. Such as:
  • Single interrupted suture
  • Continuous suture
  • Intracutaneous suture
  • Skin stapling
  • Z-Plasty suture
  • Subdermal suture
How can P22 become an essential trainer for your suturing courses?

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using P22 to give your students the needed hands-on experience in suturing:
  • Offers a safe and realistic suture training experience
  • Silicon layers mimic the texture and feel of human tissue for a sensible touch
  • Proprietary base allows for the application of skin tension, simulating real scenarios
  • Flexibility to prepare wounds cut to your training requirement
  • Durable material allows for multiple repetitions of suturing on the same cut
  • Provides a controlled environment for refining suturing skills
3B Scientific clinical skills trainers

With a mission to advance science and medical education, 3B Scientific aims to innovate training solutions that improve the way medical training is delivered.  3B Scientific clinical skills trainers are affordable and realistic. They are also available for training in different levels of difficulty of clinical procedures such as auscultation, catheterization, injections, punctures, suturing, bandaging, and many more. Click here to find out what other simulators could be a part of your class.

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