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New: Kelsey - The teenager manikin for a targeted healthcare training

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare simulation, Lifecast Body Simulation, a 3B Scientific company, continues to push the boundaries of realism. Following the successful launches of their lifelike manikins for neonatal,infant,  child, and adult stages, Lifecast now introduces Kelsey – the teenager manikin. Promising to revolutionize healthcare, whether you are a medical professional, educator, or student, Kelsey promises a transformative training experience that bridges the knowledge gap and prepares healthcare providers for the unique challenges posed by adolescent patients. This latest addition will be launched at IMSH 2024 which is set to take place in San Diego, USA.
Tailored for the adolescent journey
Recognizing the unique healthcare challenges posed by adolescents, Lifecast Body Simulation presents Kelsey, a meticulously crafted teenage. Kelsey captures intricate details such as veins, underlying structures, hair, and precise anatomical features, including the mouth and airway. Available as a dark-skinned female manikin, Teenager Kelsey stands as a representation of the average height for a female teenager, 170cm.
Features that set Kelsey apart
Kelsey comes loaded with features designed to elevate healthcare training and enhance patient safety. Here's a glimpse of what makes Kelsey stand out:
  1. CPR-capable chest: With a chest designed for CPR training, Kelsey allows practitioners to hone their resuscitation skills effectively. The design includes features such as a CPR cable chest and a 50/50 duty cycle during chest compression, providing a dynamic training environment
  1. Comprehensive airway training: Kelsey boasts an internal airway that facilitates training in intubation and various tube insertions. From airway occlusion techniques to realistic chest movement during artificial ventilation, Kelsey covers it all.
  1. Realism in every detail: Lifecast Body Simulation has incorporated skin turgor for intravenous therapy training, ensuring that practitioners experience a level of realism that transcends traditional simulation models.
Key areas of value:
  1. Adolescent Medical Procedures: Teenager Kelsey proves invaluable for simulating medical procedures specific to adolescents, such as intravenous placements, intraosseous placements, or catheterizations. Healthcare providers can practice and refine their skills for this critical age group.
  1. Resuscitation and life support: Using Kelsey, healthcare providers can hone their skills in pediatric and adolescent CPR, defibrillation, and advanced life support techniques. This targeted practice ensures readiness for critical situations involving adolescents.
  1. Psychological and behavioural health: Training for mental health professionals leaps forward with Kelsey, as scenarios portraying adolescent mental health issues come to life. Practitioners can practice counselling, assessment, and intervention strategies in a controlled and realistic environment.
So, are you ready to embrace the future of healthcare training with Kelsey, or need a demo to get a better understanding? Contact us, our team will be happy to assist you! Meanwhile, you can also follow us @3BScientific on our social media accounts on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, and X and stay up to date with all the latest 3B Scientific products and developments. 
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