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#WorldRestartaHeart Day takes place every year on October 16th to raise awareness about the importance of learning lifesaving resuscitation skills. To increase the rate of survival in the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases, it is recommended that every person, irrespective of their background and profession should be able to perform CPR if encountered with a person undergoing a cardiac arrest. As per data in Norway, 1 in 4 people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to receiving timely resuscitation from the bystanders. And this is possible only because students at a very young age, learn to perform CPR at their schools. Here are three simple steps you must remember to save a life:
  1. Check - Check for a response, a pulse and breathing
  2. Call – Call the emergency services or ask someone nearby to do so
  3. Compress – Start compressions that are at least 2 inches deep at the rate of 100 compressions per minute. Repeat until help arrives, or the person starts to breathe
The more citizens are trained on basic CPR, the higher are the survival rates for cardiac arrest. Remember to check whether CPR is already part of school programs in your country – if not consider signing petitions to get CPR training added to school classes as early as possible. As an example, 3B Scientific has just joined forces to help collect signatures in Germany to petition for CPR training to be made mandatory in school. Denmark has already implemented this, so have Norway and many other countries.

Train CPR with affordable manikins
Everyone can remember the basic steps for CPR noted above, but it is also highly recommended to train compression skills using quality CPR approved manikins. With the offering of global access to educational tools and CPR training manikins, 3B Scientific has become one of the most important sources for training solutions. One training manikin we want to highlight for bystander training today during World Restart a Heart day is BASICBilly+.

Basic Billy+
BASICBilly+ is the ideal and affordable solution to train students in Basic Life Support. This manikin shows how easy it is to provide help and save lives through correct cardiac massage in combination with or without ventilation techniques. Students and instructors receive direct feedback using apps on their phones that sync via Bluetooth with the manikin. Also available in a dark skin tone, this manikin has realistic anatomical landmarks to learn correct hand position for chest compressions, which helps in teaching effective CPR techniques to your trainees.