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For the sake of the environment: Recycling with a climate certificate

3B Scientific GmbH

Hamburg/Germany, August 2012 - Having switched to green electricity at several German sites and reduced its carbon footprint by more than 200 tons annually, 3B Scientific has shown ongoing commitment to its responsibility for the environment. In 2011 it reduced its CO2 emissions by another 12 tons simply by recycling sales packaging.


Sorting waste to support recycling has become a matter of course in many households. Hardly anybody would throw glass, plastic, metal and organic waste into the same container. The awareness of limited resources and the increasing difficulty of proper and eco-friendly disposal is growing. Companies, too, cannot shrink from this process of rethinking, and the 3B Scientific Group is continually working to reduce its carbon footprint. 3B Scientific achieved a 12,435 kg reduction of CO2 equivalents only by recycling sales packaging this past year. According to the certificate of Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH, this roughly corresponds to “…the annual CO2 output caused by the average annual consumption of seven two-person households”.


The use of green electricity at the German sites of the 3B Scientific group of companies has furthermore helped to avoid another 200 tons of CO2 emissions annually since 2009. However, not only German sites use a mix of water and wind power. Brasil 3B Scientific in Joinville/Brazil also uses energy generated from hydro power. Moreover, the 3B Scientific Group prints a large part of its catalogs on FSC-certified paper, which stands for environmentally appropriate management of global forests. It also uses the GOGREEN services of Deutsche Post DHL for many advertising mailings. Carbon neutral or carbon reduced shipments, and not least online newsletters, are a further proactive contribution to improve CO2 efficiency and are easy on the climate. Committed to green production methods and customer satisfaction, 3B Scientific uses non-polluting paint to manufacture its own products such as hand-painted models.