Cervices Set

Cervices Set, 1021593 [XP91P92-001], Replacements
Latex free
Interchangeable cervices set for Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91 (1021592).

Easily adaptable to the four different uteri of the Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91.

Offers normal and pathologic anatomical characteristics and will enhance the diagnostics skills of the learner during vaginal examination: 
  • Normal nulliparous or para 0 cervix
  • Normal multiparous cervix
  • Ectropion cervix (erosion) 
  • Dysplasia cervix
  • Cervix with carcinoma
  • Barrel-shaped carcinoma cervix
Item No.: 1021593 [XP91P92-001]
Weight 0.001 kg
Brand 3B Scientific

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