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Advanced medical training with manikins and standardized patients

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Simulation-based learning is one of the most effective methods in medical education and training prior to working on real patients. Today, medical students and trainees sharpen their skills and knowledge using a large variety of simulators and phantoms from basic skill training to highly advanced team training. With medical manikins, users can imitate practically any patient scenario, even rare cases, to gain the expertise required to confidently handle a real-life medical intervention including detailed debriefs of their work.
3B Scientific medical simulators help improve and simplify your medical training   
Manikins for training can produce breathing sounds, heart sounds, and palpable pulses. Trainees can quickly learn to identify different health conditions using manikins. Nikki – the nursing manikin with auscultation, powered by Cardionics, is such a manikin used globally in patient care education. Consisting of 42 high-quality sounds, Nikki simulates a life-size adult patient from which the students can gain impeccable auscultation training. Offered with the NursingScope, an electronic simulation training stethoscope, trainees can learn from 21 heart sounds, 15 lung sounds, and 6 bowl sounds. Along with this, Nikki also ensures the students improve their entire suite of patient care skills from transfer to medical care.  
Learn all about Nikki the Patient Care Manikin with Auscultation by watching this short video:

A complete description, more images, as well as the product flyer for Nikki are available here.