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3B Scientific establishes cooperation with Si Yuan

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Hamburg, Germany - 3B Scientific announces its cooperation with Si Yuan Balance Method SARL starting January 2020 in France.
3B Scientific is looking forward to future collaboration and the opportunity to work with Si Yuan to "bring more humanity, health and balance to the world". Keeping true to 3B Scientific's mission to improve and promote medical and health education and training, the combination of 3B Scientific's high quality acupuncture products and Si Yuan's world-class education will advance acupuncture and promote patient well-being.
Si Yuan is an organization that holds seminars focused on acupuncture in various countries around the world. Dr. Tan's Balance Method, a simple and quick acupuncture application, is used and taught.  Si Yuan supports health education worldwide through practical teaching, courses and treatments adapted to diverse cultures and communities. 
For more information, please visit the Si Yuan Balance Method SARL website at: https://www.siyuanbalance.com/