Stefan Boltzmann lamp

Stefan Boltzmann lamp, 1008523 [U8490050], Optical Lamps on Stem
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High temperature source designed to produce thermal radiation, for investigating how such radiation depends on the temperature and to confirm the Stefan-Boltzmann law. The tungsten filament represents a good approximation of a point source of heat radiation and is thus highly suitable for investigating the inverse square law.
The temperature of the lamp can be determined from the resistance of the filament.
To minimize voltage loss the lamp contacts are soldered to the connectors.
Refer also to experiments UE4050100 and UE4050200.

Nominal voltage:                                        12 V DC
Nominal current:                                         1.75 A
Nominal power:                                          21 W
Max. operating parameters:                     13 V DC/2 A
Maximum temperature of filament:           3600 K
1 Stand rod, 130 mm long
1 Stefan-Boltzmann lamp

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Item No.: 1008523 [U8490050]
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