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SimScope® widens the scope of auscultation training with its latest upgrade

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The electronic simulation stethoscope SimScope® is the ideal tool for realistic skill training in auscultation. Developed by Cardionics, a 3B Scientific company, SimScope® offers you the versatility to train on both standardized patients and patient manikins with its easy to place RFID tag sensors.

NEW: Sounds library upgrade
Cardionics has just announced an important product upgrade: The training Stethoscope SimScope® now offers 12 additional sounds in its extensive library:

1.  Atrial Fibrillation
2.  Pulmonary Hypertension
3.  Pulmonary Stenosis     
4 . Tetralogy of Fallot
5.  Chronic Bronchitis
6.  Borborygmus
7.  Ventricular Septal Defect 90 BPM
8.  Congestive Heart Failure
9.   Asthma
10. Atelectasis
11. Emphysema
12. Aortic Aneurysm

About the world-renowned sounds library by Cardionics
In addition to the already exhaustive sound library of 32 sounds, the upgraded version of SimScope®  now includes 12 additional sounds to help students gain more exposure to diagnosing abnormal sounds during auscultation training. For example:
  1. Borborygmus: Learn to identify the rumbling noises in the abdomen due to gas or other conditions
  2. Congestive Heart Failure: Train your students to catch any shortcomings in cardiac activities by listening to the heart and lungs.
  3. Chronic Bronchitis: Expose your students to the sounds related to chronic bronchitis  before they learn about it with real patients.
Please click here to download the info sheet with a list of all the sounds in the SimScope® sound library by Cardionics.

Elevate your auscultation training with SimScope®
The SimScope® training stethoscope offers a variety of exciting features such as:
  • Educators can adjust sounds on-the-fly through the independent Wi-Fi network
  • Pre-set scenarios can be created to fit specific scenarios and programs
  • One controller tablet can manage up to 5 SimScope® auscultation training stethoscopes at once (contact us if you need more)
  • Comes with the exclusive auscultation sounds library of highest quality sounds by Cardionics
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Please contact us if you have any questions on how to best incorporate SimScope® in your skills lab for auscultation – our team is here to help you.