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3B Scientific team warmly invites you to join them at IMSH 2022

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For the first time in 22 years, the yearly congregation of the healthcare simulation industry at IMSH will take place live in-person and also virtually. IMSH is a premier platform for all the leading simulation players to network, learn, exhibit, and share their innovative developments with one and all. . Meet the 3B Scientific team at IMSH booth no: 813 of the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles (CA) from 15th January until 19th January 2022, of course, you can also view the presentations virtually from any location.

Get a glimpse of the most popular simulators from iSimulate and learn more

iSimulate, a 3B Scientific company, has transformed simulation training in healthcare through its innovative simulation solutions. Providing smart simulation solutions for patient monitoring used across the world. To take simulation training anywhere, iSimulate has developed award-winning simulators that have made the training more accessible while keeping its realism intact. At the IMSH 2022, you will see the following iSimulate products at booth 607:

REALITi GO: Giving instructors and students an excellent tool for training with an incredibly realistic platform, REALITi GO belongs to an award winning range of REALITi 360 products. It is a complete system in a mobile package, consisting of a simulated Monitor, Defibrillator, AED, and Ventilator. Its hyper-realistic interfaces are something to look forward to.

REALITi PLUS: Belonging to the REALITi 360 ecosystem, this enhanced version includes a simulated premium monitor or defibrillator screen. Instructors can run multiple scenarios from basic to complex. REALITi Plus is a smart, integrated, and modular simulation ecosystem offering reality and flexibility to your simulation training. It is a complete in-situ patient monitor simulator with simulated patient records. It looks, sounds and functions exactly like a real patient monitor that enhances the learning experience.

REALITi PRO: The most advanced version of the REALITi360 Ecosystem. It allows the users to run detailed debriefings. Its live video streaming, CPR feedback, and simulated patient records features make REALTi PRO, iSimulate’s perfect offering for in-situ training. You get to choose five simulated proprietary patient monitor screens so you can provide training on the vital signs monitors you use in real life in hospital and pre-hospital settings. This advanced simulation system has already won the hearts of many.

AURiS: This simulation stethoscope with advanced sensor technology functions as a hybrid simulator and can be used with both standardized patient and a manikin. Auscultation sounds are controlled by a tablet and sent to the simulation stethoscope. AURiS has the following exciting features that make it a perfect choice for your auscultation training:
  • 22 Heart and 13 Lung Sounds
  • Wireless simulation stethoscope
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Large library of sounds
  • Simple control interface
CTGi: This innovative iSimulate product is an economical, highly advanced, and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package.  CTGi is an ideal tool for in-situ training for the delivery room. It efficiently provides you with a versatile interface that works with realistic functions and details to teach fetal distress during labor.

With this, we hope to see you at our booth at IMSH or even virtually to show you our products and answer all your questions.