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Breast Cancer Awareness is everybody’s business

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During the month of October, a special emphasis lies on increasing awareness, early detection, and treatment to heighten palliative care of breast cancer. It is 3B Scientific’s mission to advance medical and healthcare delivery globally, and our focus prevails on educating about early signs and diagnosis of breast cancer. 

As a healthcare company, we know of our responsibility that our innovations and products can create a significant contribution. That’s why this Breast Cancer Awareness month, we want to highlight that early diagnosis strategies like self-examination can provide timely access to breast cancer treatments.

According to the Breast Cancer Organization, women have one in eight absolute risk of developing breast cancer at some time in their lifetime. Until health experts find an outright cure, these easy steps can help on early detection of the cancer:
  • Schedule your yearly mammogram
  • As part of your regular check-up, visit your healthcare provider for a breast exam
  • Make sure you are doing regular self-exams
3B Scientific fully supports this campaign to back up the importance of early detection.

Have a look at the 3B Scientific breast and self-examination models and Female Breast Self Examination chart to learn more and educate patients.