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3B Scientific highlights medical simulation at COBEM 2019 in Brazil

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The 2019 COBEM congress on medical education in Belém, Brasil is one of the most important events when it comes to medical simulation in Brazil. Thus, our 3B Scientific team from Joinville highlighted some of the most interesting medical simulators in our booth.

The SAM 3G auscultation trainer from Cardionics can be used with any stethoscope available and offers the largest real sound library, case videos, echo cardiogram videos and ECG waveforms for students to master identification of various heart, lung and bowel sounds. In addition, our team showed the ADAM X human patient simulator (HPS), designed to practicing skills and providing assistance in case of a medical emergency.
What’s more, visitors were quite busy testing the new 3B Smart Anatomy courses that now come free with every original 3B Scientific anatomy model, providing access to high resolution virtual anatomical models inside the award winning Complete Anatomy app. Learn all about it here.
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