Xtensor Hand Exerciser Blue

Xtensor Hand Exerciser Blue, 1019466 [W58360B], Hand Exercisers
Xtensor Hand Exerciser Blue, 1019466 [W58360B], Hand Exercisers
Xtensor Hand Exerciser Blue, 1019466 [W58360B], Hand Exercisers
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No matter what the reason, if you use your hands repetitively for an activity such as data entry or as a software developer or graphic designer or playing tennis, golf or if you are a musician which requires repetitive motion of your hands you will likely benefit from exercising your hands in the opposite direction to how you are using them providing the exact exercise to counteract all of the gripping required for that activity. 
The Xtensor is different and actually the exact opposite of typical hand strengtheners that exercise the muscles as you close your hand. For the first time by using The Xtensor you can apply the same time tested principles for balance and flexibility for the rest of the body that is used many thousands of times a day by rehabilitation professionals and by professional athletes around the world who need to maximise their performance and minimize injury.
The theory behind The Xtensor is simple, apply the time tested principles used throughout the exercise science and sports conditioning communities to strengthen and/or rehabilitate muscles, tendons to the muscles that open the hands. Strength and flexibility conditioning improves muscle balance and is the most effective way of maximising blood flow to muscles and tendons while also improving their overall health and stability.  
Maximising blood flow by means of traditional strength conditioning principles delivers vital nutrients necessary to optimize the healing process. Gentle resistance training exercises designed to specifically strengthen the finger extensor muscles that open the hands helps them handle greater amounts of stress, reduce reoccurrence rates and improve finger joint range of motion.
Item No.: 1019466 [W58360B]
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