SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin

SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin, 1024553, Auscultation
SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin, 1024553, Auscultation
SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin, 1024553, Auscultation
SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin, 1024553, Auscultation
SAM4 Auscultation Manikin Light Skin, 1024553, Auscultation


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Introducing SAM4, the latest advancement in auscultation training from Cardionics. SAM4 builds upon the success of its predecessors, including SAM Basic, SAM II, and SAM 3G, and brings exclusive new features to elevate the auscultation learning experience:
Manikin control via smartphone or tablet
SAM4 eliminates the need for a laptop or computer. With the new SAM4 app, available for both iOS and Android, users have seamless control over the manikin. This user-friendly interface streamlines the learning process, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before.
Rotational base
SAM4 comes with a 360-degree rotational base, making it easier than ever to demonstrate auscultation points and position the manikin precisely as needed. This innovative feature enhances the teaching and learning process, providing educators with greater flexibility.
LED lights in all auscultation points
One of the standout features of SAM4 is its integrated LED lights, strategically placed at each auscultation point. These built-in lights illuminate the correct positions for listening to sounds, ensuring that students can easily identify and target the appropriate areas for auscultation. It's a feature designed to enhance precision and confidence in the learning process.
Bluetooth sound
Students have the flexibility to listen to sounds using a real stethoscope for a traditional experience. Alternatively, they can embrace modern convenience with our new Bluetooth connection feature. This enables seamless connectivity with external sound devices, such as earbuds, for individual practice. Moreover, it opens up the possibility of sharing the learning experience with larger audiences by connecting to a sound box. With SAM 4, the choice is yours, offering versatility and adaptability to suit your auscultation needs.
SAM4 continues to prioritize student engagement, self-study, and comprehensive education. It offers an extensive library of normal and abnormal cardiac, respiratory, bowel, and bruit sounds, all of the highest audio quality. The SAM4 Plus version (1025098/1025099) provides access to the Real Sounds Library, featuring 35 authentic heart and lung sounds recorded from live patients, 12 Echocardiogram Videos and 3 Dynamic Sounds. These additional resources empower educators to tailor their teaching materials to specific lectures and programs.
With SAM4, students can practice their auscultation skills with confidence, using their own stethoscope and receiving crystal-clear sounds.
Weighing just over 20 pounds (9 Kg), SAM4 is portable and an easy to carry. Instructors can bring SAM4 to the skills lab, classroom or auditorium - ensuring students spend adequate time practicing their auscultation skills.
SAM4 features:
  • Comprehensive auscultation library consisting of 37 heart sounds, 11 heart-lung combinations, 26 lung sounds, 9 bowel sounds and 6 bruit sounds
  • The SAM4 Plus version (1025098/1025099) contains 35 Real Sounds, 12 echocardiogram videos, and 3 Dynamic Sounds.
  • ECG waveforms for all heart sounds
  • Auscultation with any clinical stethoscope (not included in the delivery content)
  • Palpable carotid pulse
  • Manikin is controlled with a smartphone or tablet (not included in the delivery content), via App available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
  • Rotational base
  • Bluetooth connection for external sound speakers

Technical details:
  • Hard-shell carrying case (1020109) and speaker system for group instruction (1021753) sold separately
  • Available in light and dark skin tone
  • 5 year warranty
Delivery content:
  • Portable SAM4 male auscultation torso
  • Power cable
  • User manual

Item No.: 1024553
Weight 10.89 kg
Brand Cardionics
MPN: 718-8804
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