Experiment: Ultrasonic Computer Tomopraphy

Experiment: Ultrasonic Computer Tomopraphy, 8001223 [UE9020200], Ultrasound
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Objective: Investigate the formation of an ultrasonic CT image and its relevant parameters

X-ray CT, MRT and PET are computer-aided imaging methods used in medical diagnostics, industry and research. Processes such as radiation absorption, nuclear magnetic resonance or particle emission are used to produce cross-sectional images by means of appropriately measurable physical quantities. Ultrasonic computer tomography is another CT method. It differs from X-ray CT in that instead of the attenuation of X-rays, the attenuation and times of flight of ultrasonic signals in the test object are measured. With the ultrasonic CT, line scans are recorded at different angles and put together to form a cross-sectional image. In this process, the sample arranged between transmission and receiving probe is moved and turned under computer control. The overlaying of the projections of individual scans can be followed step by step on the PC. In the experiment, the several steps of the formation of a computed tomography are illustrated. The difference between damping and sound velocity as measuring parameters is analyzed. The influence of filtering and image processing is investigated. 


Ultrasound coupler gel recommended, not included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, water can also be used.
Detailed experiment instructions (only available in German and English) are included with the experiment.

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Ultrasonic Echoscope GS200

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Item No.: 8001223 [UE9020200]
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