Experiment: Ultrasonic Biometry

Experiment: Ultrasonic Biometry, 8001222 [UE9020100], Ultrasound
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Objective: Determining the internal dimensions in a model eye

Sonography (medical ultrasound) is an imaging method that is also used in ophthalmology. Here, its largest importance lies in the area of biometry, in the measurement of distances in the eye. The distance between cornea and retina is very significant for the calculation of the characteristics of the artificial lens implanted to patients with cataract. Sonography is necessary in this case since the cornea or the lens are too cloudy for the use of optical methods. Although investigations of the aqueous, vitreous humour and the thickness of the lens are nowadays often done with new methods of laser light or ultrasonic B-mode imaging, time of flight measurements of the ultrasonic echoes of an A-Scan at the eye offer a simple way to measure the eye. In the experiment, a typical application of A-scan ultrasound biometry in medical diagnostics used in ophthalmology is given. At an eye dummy all parts of the healthy eye are measured. As the given measured time of flight of the echoes of the A-scan cannot be calculated as distance in a simple way, because of different velocities in the different media (cornea, lens, vitreous humour), correction calculations are carried out. 


Ultrasound coupler gel recommended, not included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, water can also be used.
Detailed experiment instructions (only available in German and English) are included with the experiment.

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