Experiment: Impedance of a Coil in an AC Circuit (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Impedance of a Coil in an AC Circuit (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 8000644 [UE3050211-230], Direct and alternating current (DC and AC)
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Objective: Determine inductive impedance as a function of inductance and frequency

Any change in the current through a coil induces a voltage. If an alternating current flows, an AC voltage will be induced, which is shifted in phase with respect to the current. In mathematical terms, the relationship can be expressed most easily if current, voltage and impedance are regarded as complex values, whereby the real components need to be considered. In this experiment, a frequency generator supplies an alternating voltage with a frequency of up to 2 kHz. A dual-channel oscilloscope is used to record the voltage and current, so that the amplitude and phase of both can be determined. The current through the coil is given by the voltage drop across a resistor with a value which is negligible in comparison to the inductive impedance exhibited by the coil itself.

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Plug-in Board for Components, 1012902 [U33250], Plug-In Component System

Plug-in Board for Components

1012902 [U33250]
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Coil S with 1200 Taps, 1001002 [U8498085], Demountable Transformer S

Coil S with 1200 Taps

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Linear Resistor, 10 Ohm, 1012904 [U333012], Plug-In Component System

Linear Resistor, 10 Ohm

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Function Generator FG 100 (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1009957 [U8533600-230], Function Generators

Function Generator FG 100 (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

1009957 [U8533600-230]
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PC Oscilloscope 2x25 MHz, 1020857 [U11830], Oscilloscopes

PC Oscilloscope 2x25 MHz

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HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug, 1002748 [U11257], Experiment Leads and Cables

HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug

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Set of 15 Experiment Leads, 75 cm 1 mm², 1002840 [U13800], Circuits

Set of 15 Experiment Leads, 75 cm 1 mm²

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Item No.: 8000644 [UE3050211-230]
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