Electron Diffraction Tube D

Electron Diffraction Tube D, 1013885 [U191711], Electron Tubes D
Electron Diffraction Tube D, 1013885 [U191711], Electron Tubes D
Electron Diffraction Tube D, 1013885 [U191711], Electron Tubes D
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Experiment Topics: ..
The following topics can be discussed with this highly evacuated tube: 
•  Illustration of the wave nature of electrons
•  Determination of the wavelength of electrons depending on the anode voltage
•  Debye-Scherrer diffraction
•  Confirmation of the de Broglie hypothesis

Product Information: ..
The electron diffraction tube is a highly evacuated tube with an electron gun consisting of a pure tungsten heater filament and a cylindrical anode all contained in a clear glass bulb. The electrons emitted by the heated cathode are constrained to a narrow beam by an aperture and are then focussed by means of an electron-optical system. The resulting tight, monochromatic beam then passes through a micro-mesh nickel grating situated at the aperture of the gun. Onto this grid, a thin layer of polycrystalline graphitised carbon has been deposited by vaporisation. This layer affects the electrons in the beam much like a diffraction grating. The result of this diffraction is seen in the form of an image comprising two concentric rings that become visible on the fluorescent screen. A spot resulting from the undeflected electron beam continues to be visible at the centre of the rings.
A magnet is also supplied with the tube. This allows the direction of the electron beam to be changed, which may be necessary if the graphite target has slight damage as a result of the manufacturing process or due to later overheating.

Specifications: ..
Filament voltage U: max. 6.3 V AC/DC
Anode voltage U: 0 – 5000 V DC
Anode current IA: typ. 150 µA at UA = 4000 V
Lattice constant of graphite: d10 = 0.213 nm; d11 = 0.123 nm
Distance from graphite target
to fluorescent screen:
125 ± 2 mm  approx.
Fluorescent screen: 100 mm Ø  approx.
Glass bulb: 130 mm Ø  approx.
Total length: 260 mm  approx.


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Item No.: 1013885 [U191711]
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