Conductivity Tester

Conductivity Tester, 1012890 [U11065], Electrochemistry
Conductivity Tester, 1012890 [U11065], Electrochemistry
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Experiment topics:
• Conductors and non-conductors
• Determining electrolytes
• Distinguishing between 5 typical electrolytes
• Conductivity of melted salts

Easy to use meter for determining conductivity of electrolytes (in water courses) and distinguishing between distilled water, rain water, tap water, brine and sea water, as well as between acids and alkalis. The display indicates the levels “very low”, “low”, “medium”, “high” and “very high” and has LED backlighting. Even the very low conductivity of distilled water is displayed.
The device is protected against spray and can therefore be used without difficulty in the open air. It can be powered either by a 9-V block battery (not included) or by the supplied 12-V/500-mA plug-in power supply.

Measuring ranges: 2 … 20 µS/cm (very low), 20 … 100 µS/cm (low),
100 … 500 µS/cm (medium), 500 … 3000 µS/cm (high),
> 3000 µS/cm (very high)
Dimensions: 85x35x170 mm³
Battery capacity: 10 hours approx.
Item No.: 1012890 [U11065]
Weight 0.09 kg
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