Acupuncture Model, female

Acupuncture Model, female, 1000379 [N31], Acupuncture Charts and Models
Acupuncture Model, female, 1000379 [N31], Acupuncture Charts and Models

Acupuncture Model:

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This acupuncture model sets the standard in didactics and aesthetics and has been developed in cooperation with experienced European acupuncture specialists. It is about 70 cm tall and contains 396 acupuncture points. All conduction paths are coloured according to the 5 phases. We have intentionally dispensed with Chinese labeling on the model. This makes the accurate identification of acupuncture points significantly easier. True to the motto: less is sometimes more.

Mounting instructions:
The legs of the acupuncture figure must be pushed apart so that the screws on the legs fit through the holes in the base. This gives the figure the necessary tension and stability.
Item No.: 1000379 [N31]
Weight 2.087 kg
Dimensions 72 x 29 x 26 cm
Brand 3B Scientific
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