Stereo microscopes W30660, W30661 and W30661 are robust microscopes that are distinguished by their ease of operation and excellent mechanical and optical quality. They can be used in numerous applications within the fields of biology and geology. They are equipped with quick-change fitting that allows for rapid replacement of the objective. With the aid of accessories, a magnification of up to 120x can be achieved. Model W30660 is lit from the top, while W30661 and W30665 can be illuminated by top light, by transmitted light, or by a combination of both. The large object stage of W30661 and W30665 also allows large objects to be observed.
Stereo microscope W30665 features low-temperature lighting (LED) to ensure even illumination of the object while preventing heat damage to the specimen during prolonged observations. It also eliminates the risk of burning if the lighting unit is touched inadvertently. Power is provided by rechargeable batteries so that the microscope can be used without needing to plug in a main lead.
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