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Latest update: Now 5-year extended warranty on selected Cardionics products!

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As a goodwill gesture to our amazing customers, we are now offering an extended warranty period of 5 years on a selected range of Cardionics products. Our team would be happy to assist you with any product-related issues during this period, however unlikely that is because our products just don’t break!
Easing your user experience: we have you covered!
At 3B Scientific & Cardionics, overall customer satisfaction is our priority. We take our after-sales support seriously and remain committed to giving our customers the best customer service experience. Therefore, we are excited to announce that the following products now come with a 5-year warranty period:
  • SAM II®, SAM 3G® and PAT®: Loved by our customers for their comprehensive sound library and simplicity of use, these products are innovative, high quality and reliable. With the 5-year warranty period, these lightweight and robust auscultation training manikins will surely make for a rewarding investment. 
  • SAM Basic® and PAT Basic®You can choose to make your auscultation training affordable yet comprehensive and practical with SAM Basic® or PAT Basic®. Offered with an extensive sound library, a SimScope® stethoscope made of high-quality components and a robust manikin torso, these auscultation manikins are rightfully the ideal candidates to get an extended warranty period. 
  • SimScope® StethoscopeWith its sturdy and unbreakable stethoscope construction, SimScope® is yet another Cardionics innovation now included in the 5-year extended warranty program. This auscultation training stethoscope has won the hearts of our customers with its versatility reflected through the use of 7 sets of reusable RFID tag sensors placed on Standardized Patients or manikins, a comprehensive sound library with 44 sounds and an excellent durability. Don’t forget about the recently lowered price either!
If you are yet to purchase an auscultation trainer for your skill lab, then now is the right time. Please get in touch with us to learn more about the extended warranty period.

*Note: The extended warranty program covers products solely manufactured by Cardionics and does not include the laptop, batteries or other parts manufactured by third party providers.