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Introducing P97 PRO – your comprehensive Postpartum Hemorrhage Control Trainer!

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Postpartum hemorrhage, a potentially life-threatening obstetric emergency requires a well-trained team that can avert severe outcomes using correct diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, increasing the need of a highly realistic skill trainer to elevate your training process and help develop a team that can quickly react to severe blood loss in patients and manage occurring complications, with no risk to the patients.

P97 PRO - A straightforward and a hands-on postpartum hemorrhage control trainer

Understanding the customer’s need for a comprehensive and realistic postpartum hemorrhage control trainer, 3B Scientific is pleased to introduce to you P97 PRO – an innovative solution to improve your postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) control training. Developed in collaboration with leading obstetricians in Germany, this trainer helps equip the obstetrics team with the versatility of realistically demonstrating major causes and treatments of PPH, allowing students to learn early recognition, systematic evaluation, and treatment of different types of postpartum hemorrhages. Easy to set up, use and maintain – P97 PRO is sure to make your training sessions rewarding.

Teach your students effective postpartum hemorrhage diagnosis and treatment:

It can be challenging to identify the cause of bleeding and even to stop the bleeding in a postpartum hemorrhage patient. However, with the P97 PRO, the instructor can easily demonstrate three different scenarios so students can learn and train to identify the exact cause of bleeding, such as:
  1. Uterine Atony (Tonus)
  2. Lacerations of cervix or/and vagina (Trauma)
  3. Retained placenta (Tissue)
Expose your students to all the critical treatments in a safe environment

Successfully learning without putting the patient’s life at risk is the main objective of any simulator. Therefore, P97 PRO enables students to gain essential skills such as fundal massage and bimanual compressions, and manual removal of a retained placenta. Additionally, they can train intrauterine balloon tamponade and uterine packing with gauze, practicing vaginal tear suturing and uterus compression suturing.

Please contact us, if you would like to have P97 PRO as part of your training sessions or have any questions regarding the product. We are looking forward to helping you.

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