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iSimulate releases new bag for patient monitor simulators

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The team at iSimulate loves to keep up with customer requests and constantly works on improving their products even further. The most recent update customers now have access to, is the all new simulation bag for the REALITi360 patient monitor simulators as well as for the CTGi fetal heart rate monitor simulator.

New bag – new features

The new bag offers additional rear space to store all electrical components. Wider left and right compartments accommodate lead sets more easily and provide instructors a tidy solution for better cable management.

To add realism, the team included a shoulder strap in the new bag to better mimic the feel of carrying a real device. The fabric of the simulation bag is super sturdy and easy to clean. Take the bag anywhere – anytime to conduct the most realistic scenario simulations with your team.

If you are a user of the old ALSi system, contact us to find out how to upgrade your system to REALITi360 and take advantage of new features!

About the REALITi360 Simulation Ecosystem by iSimulate

REALITi360 is a modular patient monitor simulation system that enables high-fidelity simulations in pre-hospital and in-hospital medical trainings. The entire system fits in just one bag and is completely portable. Customers around the globe use it to enhance their ALS, EMS, rescue, military and in-hospital medical training.

CTGi, the Fetal and Maternal Heart Rate Monitor Simulator by iSimulate adds much needed realism to any obstetric training.

Contact us  to speak with a customer success manager and to schedule on online demo.