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Start with optics with an optical bench bench or optical precision bench in your choice of lengths, add optical riders of the desired profile to accommodate your chosen accessories and get started performing compelling optics demos and experiments right away. 3B Scientific has a wide range of diffraction objects including gratings and filters plus lenses, prisms, light sources, mirrors and diaphragms to extend experimentation in the optics field.
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Light Box P, 1018471 [U30095], Geometrical Optics

Light Box P

255.31 €
Item: 1018471 [U30095]

Spare Lamp for Light Box, 1003231 [U30039], Geometrical Optics

Spare Lamp for Light Box

6.41 €
Item: 1003231 [U30039]

Large Fun House Mirror 60 x 120 cm², 1003339 [U40276], Geometrical Optics

Large Fun House Mirror 60 x 120 cm²

95.59 €
Item: 1003339 [U40276]

Physical Eye Model, 1003806 [W11851], Geometrical Optics

Physical Eye Model

897.82 €
Item: 1003806 [W11851]