Chromatography of Plant Pigments

Chromatography of Plant Pigments, 1022411 [W55011], Botany Experiments
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Chlorophyll is the most prevalent and well-known plant pigment related to photosynthesis. It is not, however, the only plant pigment necessary for photosynthesis to occur. Other pigments are involved in the process. These pigments are often overlooked as they tend to be masked by the abundance of the green pigment chlorophyll. In this activity, students will extract the various pigments from green plant material and separate the pigment using chromatography. Students will not only confirm the presence and learn the role of these “hidden” pigments but also learn about chromatography as a technique for separating molecules. Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups and includes Teacher’s Manual and Student Study Guide copymasters.

Kit Includes:

250mL Chromatography Solvent 9-1 (Petroleum Ether/Acetone)
100mL Plant Pigment Extraction Solvent (Ethanol)
15 Microscope Slides
15 pcs Chromatography Paper
15 Capillary Tubes
Item No.: 1022411 [W55011]
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 18.415 x 18.0975 x 26.67 cm
Brand 3B Scientific
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