Environmental Air/Water Test Kit

Environmental Air/Water Test Kit, 1022406 [W55006], Environmental Science Experiments
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Learn how environmental scientists study pollution by testing air and water samples from your local area! This kit includes nine different tests to determine the air and water quality of samples you collect from your community. Investigate your water quality by testing for dissolved oxygen levels, water hardness, pH, and phosphate and chloride content. Then, test for particulate and chemical pollutants in the air, measure smoke density, and learn how excess carbon dioxide in air can affect your environment. Teacher’s Manual and Student Worksheets included. There are enough materials for a class of 30 working in groups.

Kit Includes:
25mL Methylene Blue, 0.1%
25mL EDTA Solution, 0.015M
25mL Silver Nitrate, 0.014M
100mL Bromothymol Blue, 0.04%
3 Hardness Powder Pillows
3 Phosphate Powder Pillows
3 Chloride Powder Pillows
1 Glass Bottle, 4oz with Cap
1 pkg pH Strips
1 Plastic Vial with Cap
1 Medicine Cup
2 Cups, 10oz
2 Magnifiers
4 Clear Labels
1 Nylon Fabric
2 Rubber Bands
1 Smoke Density Comparator
1 Phosphate Indicator
1 Syring
Item No.: 1022406 [W55006]
Weight 1.81 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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