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3B Scientific GmbH

Hamburg/Budapest, August 2013 –3B Scientific Europe Kft. commemorates its 20th anniversary at around this time. In 1993 the company also known as „Biocalderoni Kft.“ became the first branch of the company group outside of Germany.
The cornerstone of the company in Budapest was, however laid down almost two centuries ago. In 1819, the optician István Calderoni (1794-1881) founded the company which was then named after him, „Calderoni & Társa“.Initially, he and his future partner Franz Hopp produced opera glasses, theodolites and more. Around the turn of the century, the range was expanded to include teaching aids. During the decades preceding the fall of the Iron Curtain the company, which had in the meantime been renamed and nationalized produced and distributed equipment for natural science education. In the turbulent years between 1989 and 1992, the company reverted to working under its old name, but had to face liquidation after 173 years of company history. With the takeover by 3B Scientific in 1993, its future was secured, production continued and above all expertise was preserved.

Today at the site in Budapest, more than 60 people work in the areas of sales, administration, production and warehousing. 3B Scientific Europe is one of the major production sites within the company group. Besides semi-finished products which are delivered to nearly all of the production sites of the 3B Scientific Group, finished goods are also produced locally. Marketing and sales are aimed at a variety of Eastern European and Central Asian countries, recognizing the different cultures and languages of customers by 3B Scientific. In addition to universities, medical practitioners, ministries and other institutions of health and education are, curiously, also theaters as Managing Director Péter Szekeres knows. “Since genuine human bones may not be used in performances at Hungarian theaters, we sometimes receive requests from set designers who want our almost life-like models for the representation of Yorick's skull in ‘Hamlet '. To date we have not received any complaint that the audiences might have noticed the difference”, Szekeres says smiling.
The outlook in financial terms looks good as well. The effects of the recent financial crisis were compensated successfully by Szekeres and his team by participation in public education projects, as in Uzbekistan (2009) or Kyrgyzstan (2010) „And just last year we equipped scientific laboratories in a number of Hungarian Secondary Schools within the framework of the so called ‘Öveges program’”, says Szekeres.

Planning for the future, to continue the tradition and productive success is already underway. On the one hand this means further developing the Eastern European acupuncture and therapy markets, on the other hand the 3B Scientific customers can expect more innovative products in the fields of medical simulators and natural science.