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How to perfect your EMS training – a Customer Success Story

3B Scientific GmbH

Hamburg, Germany – Our customer ResQ-X has recently conducted a rescue training with one of our TCCC manikins and shared these impressive images with us. EMS and Rescue training can be taken to the next level of realism with the sturdy and medically functioning training manikins of the THCT (Tactical Hemorrhage Control Training) and TCCS (Tactical Combat Care Simulators) series. They come in different wound configurations and improve any military and civilian casualty care training for pre-hospital emergency medical services.

In this specific training, the manikin plays the role of a male fire fighter who is severely wounded and needs to be evacuated from a building. The team trains in full protective gear (as does the manikin) and used a Fire Service Vehicle exactly as in an actual emergency deployment. For debriefing reasons, the complete training is recorded. See also our complete Simulation Debriefing Systems.

Learn all about training manikins and task trainers to perfect your TCCC, Rescue and EMS training in the brochure below: