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Nikki - the Nursing Manikin, first of its kind cross-company developed simulator from Cardionics and 3B Scientific, has won the hearts of our customers. This all-in-one training manikin helps to develop essential skills such as patient care, nursing and auscultation skills. Scenario-based learning in auscultation can be carried out at ease with 11 anterior and 4 posterior auscultation sites and a comprehensive sound library.

One of the most talked-about features of the life-size manikin Nikki is the auscultation training stethoscope NursingScope powered by Cardionics. NursingScope is an electronic simulation training stethoscope that allows to auscultate the Nikki Manikin utilizing a set of RFID tags built-in at the correct auscultation sites. It can be used with Objective Structured Clinical Examination training (OSCE) or any other examination trainings and programs. The connection between the NursingScope and the instructor device is wireless - making the training process quick and hassle-free!

Superior sound quality                                    
Cardionics is renowned for unique and interactive teaching systems for medical and clinical education. The NursingScope offers an extensive library of 42 sounds consisting of:
  • 21 heart sounds
  • 15 lung sounds (including Covid-19 auscultation lung sound)
  • 6 bowel sounds
All-in-one patient care training 
Nikki has flexible joints and can be positioned like a real patient with natural movements of the arms and legs. Based on the individual training needs, the manikin can sit upright in bed for treatments and simulate either male or female patient due to its interchangeable genitals. Along with this, a wide range of patient care skills and bedside manners can be taught and practiced using Nikki, such as:
  • Haircare (washing, combing, drying) 
  • Pressure ulcer care and assessment (stages 2-4)
  • Wound care and care (surgical staples, tears and abrasions)
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Personal hygiene and oral care (removable partial denture)
  • Beds and moving
  • Bandaging and application of wound dressings (including stump dressing)
  • Douching (eye, ear, nose, stomach, intestines, bladder)
  • Injections (intramuscular and subcutaneous)
  • Gastric lavage and tube feeding
  • Oxygen supply
  • Care of the tracheostomy opening (washing and suctioning)
  • Catheterization (male and female) CH14
  • Ostomy care (anus praeter naturalis)
  • Administration of enemas
Join us to learn more
Make your training straightforward and easy to follow with Nikki. To gain some more insights on how to improve your auscultation training with Nikki – the Nursing Manikin, join Beata Bors-Noël, Product Specialist for Cardionics in a digital webinar on 16th November from 4PM (CET)
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