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REALITi 360 Version Updates come packed with new features

3B Scientific GmbH

The latest version updates (11.1.8 & 11.1.9) for the REALITi 360 system are now available. Based directly on customer feedback, we have added the features and improvements below. Please go to the app store and update your systems now to experience the new content right away.
  • Minimum supported iOS is iOS 13
  • iPad naming ability within REALITi
  • Improvements to Atlas connectivity
  • TMS data can now be seen
  • Improvements to CPR artefact on ECG waveform

Experience these new features in REALITi 360:
  • Improvements to Atlas connectivity
  • Improvements to CPR artefact on ECG waveform
  • Atlas ETCO2 ventilation improvements
  • CPR Console - Rate and Depth improvements
  • CPR Console - functions as an Additional Screen
  • iPad naming ability within REALITi
  • Tempus 12 lead and NIBP user interface
  • Zoll AED Improvements: Add ‘Pause’ button
  • Zoll defibrillation improvements
  • LP 20 clock improvement
  • LP 15 SpO2 and NIBP improvements
  • Sync shocks now indicated in TMS review
  • Generic screen settings

Additionally, the following improvements have been implemented:
  • TMS data can now be seen
  • Corpuls 3T - When tapping on the third curve in AED mode, the menu prompt should not open
  • Corpuls - Countdown timer pie chart fix
  • Propaq MD check pads error when patient isn’t attached but the user charges the device and only way to cancel the charge is to press the up or down arrow keys.
  • Zoll X AED - Shows ETCO2
  • Zoll X AED - When in pediatric mode, will start at 50J
  • CPR metronome will automatically resume after defibrillation
  • Blood Pressure update on Camera
  • Fixed menu flashing once when opened on the older 12.9" iPad (iOS 15.4.1) by removing the fade in/out, only slides now
  • NIBP sound and metronome will not work at the same time
  • Mindray D3 - Mute sound from Control Panel
  • Show TMS on 12.9" iPad
  • Control - Unable to select scenarios to add to email 
Update your REALITi 360 now to the latest version to activate all changes. Simply visit your app store.