Toddler Chest Trauma (3 years old) light skin / male

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Toddler Chest Trauma Training: Realism Redefined for Lifesaving Expertise 
In our ongoing pursuit of creating highly realistic and challenging medical simulators, the Lifecast Body Simulation team has innovated a new version of the Lifecast toddler. This specialized variant is equipped to simulate thoracic bleeding effects. Augmenting the standard features present in the Lifecast toddler (1024728, 1024729), this unique 'Chest Trauma' variant introduces various effects, including thoracic foaming, bleeding, and vomiting, enhancing the training experience with heightened realism. The manikin allows for simulated blood and foam to be added into the lungs - from a rescuers point of view the manikin accurately represents bleeding from the trachea with pulmonary oedema and increased airway pressure. 
The toddler chest trauma represents 3 years old who has faced chest injury. It was designed to elevate the authenticity of training for healthcare providers, supporting both multidisciplinary team scenarios and individual training in paediatric patient care. This manikin serves as an ideal training solution for a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals, spanning paediatric patient care, emergency medical interventions, and resuscitation training, whether in dynamic team settings or for individuals. The manikin's realistic floppiness accurately simulates signs of unconsciousness. The Broselow paediatric resuscitation system can be effectively trained using the toddler manikin to establish appropriate medical care. 
An anatomically correct and highly realistic toddler manikin, helps healthcare professionals to: 
  • Strengthen existing protocols to effectively manage the diverse challenges posed by toddlers, a demographic particularly susceptible to unforeseen accidents. 
  • Attain proficiency in the skills required for the optimal care of toddlers, especially ones with chest trauma.  
  • Develop emotional intelligence using realistic manikins which is integral to providing compassionate, effective, and high-quality healthcare.
Key features:
  • True average weight representation of 14 kilograms  
  • Anatomically accurate outer body 
  • Anatomically correct internal airway ensure proper technique for:
    • Intubation
    • ET/NP/OP tube insertion
  • Reactive chest that rises and falls when artificially ventilated. (This manikin is suitable for High frequency Oscillatory ventilation)
  • Realistic airway pressures and ventilatory volumes.
  • CPR capable chest
  • Designed to facilitate a 50/50 duty cycle during chest compressions
  • Drug administration through intraosseous routes *IO site to be purchased additionally to enhance the product. 
  • Skin turgor for dry training of intravenous therapy 
Delivery Content:
  • Toddler chest trauma manikin 
  • Maintenance kit
  • Bag

Artículo No.: 1024730
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 80 x 33 x 16 cm
Brand Lifecast