Organic Stereochemistry Student Set

Organic Stereochemistry Student Set, 1018784, Kits de moléculas
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Compact and Open model style, Suitable for use at University, College & Higher Education. Organic Stereochemistry set, 74 atoms, 52 open and 50 compact links and 12 p-orbital paddels.
This set contains Molydome style Half sphere type hydrogen atom parts.

30 molydomes™ hydrogen (l), 20 carbon (Vl,V), 6 oxygen (ll), 4 nitrogen (lV), 8 chlorine (l), 2 bromine (l), 2 iodine (l), 2 metal (Vl), 6 P-lobes (pink), 6 P-lobes (purple) Links: 40 medium (grey), 12 long flexible (grey), 50 short (white), 1 short link remover tool.
Artículo No.: 1018784
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MPN: MMS-051
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