LN Touch Solution - German Version (incl.Trolley)

LN Touch Solution - German Version (incl.Trolley), 1023819, Láser
LN Touch Solution - German Version (incl.Trolley), 1023819, Láser
LN Touch Solution - German Version (incl.Trolley), 1023819, Láser
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The LASERNEEDLE Touch Solution comes with 10 red laser channels. The red laser channels are suitable for the non-invasive laser acupuncture stimulating acupoints in different depths of the tissue. Delivery includes 10 pieces.

All conventional and therapeutic and diagnostic frequencies (Bahr, Chakra, Nogier, Reiniger) are pre-programmed into the LN Touch Solution device. These can be easily accessed and used via the menu structure.
The LN Touch Solution is available in the following versions: trolley, mobile case unit or combination.

- Glass front with touch screen
- Color display for visualization and adjustment of treatment parameters
- Individual control of each laser channel
- Storage space for 20 treatment protocols
- Multilingual intuitive interface (German, English, Portuguese, French)
- Non-wearing and easy to clean materials (glass surface)

Touchpad laser device (10 red lasers), trolley, 10 synthetic optical fibers, 2 pairs of laser googles, 2x10 silicon applicators , 1 roll of LN tape, self-adhesive applicators (box of 100 pcs.), 10 LN TipCaps, treatment recommendations handbook, 50 patient information flyers, 3 posters, download instructions for IFU

Technical Details:
- Laser classification: Class 3R
- Number of laser channels (total of 10): 10 laser channels red = 658 nm
- Optical fibers:10 regular optical fibers, length 2,1m (for red channels)
- Optical power (per channel): max 40mW
- Operation modes: continuous mode (cw mode), modulation (frequency mode)
- Modulation frequency: 0 – 10.000 Hz; 1 Hz resolution
- Internal memory: 20 custom treatment protocols
- Power supply: 100-240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz
Artículo No.: 1023819
Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 81 x 59 x 134 cm
MPN: 21010 (GERMAN)