LN Touch Allround (incl. trolley)

LN Touch Allround (incl. trolley), 1023824, Láser
LN Touch Allround (incl. trolley), 1023824, Láser
LN Touch Allround (incl. trolley), 1023824, Láser
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The LASERNEEDLE Touch Allround comes with 4 red, 4 infrared, and 2 violet laser channels.
The infrared laser has a greater penetration depth than the red laser and thus reaches deeper tissue layers. The violet laser has an antibacterial effect and destroys even multiresistant bacteria.The specific configuration of wavelengths is suitable for a wide range of treatments.
The LASERNEEDLE Touch Allround is available in the following versions: trolley, mobile case unit or combination.

Product features:
- Glass front with touchscreen
- Color display for visualization and adjustment of treatment parameters
- Individual control of each laser channel
- Storage space for 20 treatment protocols
- Multilingual intuitive interface (German, English, Portuguese, French)
- Non-wearing and easy to clean materials (glass surface)

LN Touchpad laser device (4 red, 4 infrared, 2 violet lasers), trolley, 4 synthetic and 6 quartz optical fibers, 2 pairs of laser googles, 1 treatment arm with laser shower and 5 silicon protection caps for laser shower, 2 x10 silicon applicators, 1 roll of LN tape, self-adhesive applicators (box of 100 pcs.), 1 set of AppPads with 2 x 10 silicon applicators, 10 LN TipCaps, treatment recommendations handbook, 50 patient information flyers, 3 posters, download instructions for IFU

Technical details:
- Laser classification: Class 3R
- Number of laser channels (total of 10): 5 laser channels red = 658 nm, 5 laser channels infrared = 808 nm
- Optical fibers: 5 regular optical fibers, length 2,2m (for red channels), 5 quarz optical fibers, length 2,2m (for infrared channels)
- Optical power (per channel): max 40mW
- Operation modes: continuous mode (cw mode), modulation (frequency mode)
- Modulation frequency: 0 – 10.000 Hz; 1 Hz resolution
- Internal memory: 20 custom treatment protocols
- Power supply: 100-240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz
Artículo No.: 1023824
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 81 x 59 x 134 cm
MPN: 24010-1 (ENGLISH)