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3B Scientific is more than just human biology! You can teach and learn about zoology with our animal skeletons and animal models. Botany models, including cellular and molecular models, are great for engaging students in group and hands-on learning. And what science lab would be complete without student microscopes, microscope slides, balances, scales and experiment supplies?
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Analytical Scales ABS 220N, 1022535, Biology Supplies

Analytical Scales ABS 220N

1,733.83 €
Item: 1022535
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Electronic Balance 220 g, 1022627, Biology Supplies

Electronic Balance 220 g

46.53 €
Item: 1022627

Digital Pocket Anemometer, 1023953, Biology Supplies

Digital Pocket Anemometer

102.34 €
Item: 1023953

Microscope Camera BRESSER MikroCam SP 3.1, 1024060, Biology Supplies

Microscope Camera BRESSER MikroCam SP 3.1

376.04 €
Item: 1024060
Free domestic shipping

VISOCOLOR® ECO Test Ammonium 3, refill kit, 1021123 [W12805], Biology Supplies

VISOCOLOR® ECO Test Ammonium 3, refill kit

44.03 €
Item: 1021123 [W12805]