Molymod Chemical Reactions KS3 Set

Molymod Chemical Reactions KS3 Set, 3011862, Atomic models
Molymod Chemical Reactions KS3 Set, 3011862, Atomic models
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This set is designed for use by students in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher or as a useful revision aid. Specifically designed and updated for higher level Key Stage 3 Chemistry. Ages: 12+

Introduction to atoms, elements, compounds and their chemical symbols, molecular formulae
and their representation by colour-coded model parts, with an emphasis on modeling the
conservation of mass during chemical reactions, whereby the total number of atoms of the
reactants equals the total number in the products.

This set contains enough parts to model the chemical rearrangement of atoms (i.e. the
Chemical reactions) listed below.
  • Oxidation by combustion of hydrocarbons, and the oxidation by rusting of metals
  • Thermal Decomposition of metal carbonates
  • Displacement reactions of metals in salts
  • Examples of common acids, bases & alkalis
  • Neutralisation reactions of acids and alkalis
  • Reactions of acids with metals to produce a salt plus Hydrogen
  • Reactions of acids with alkalis to produce a salt plus water
  • Material examples of Polymers, PVC & Polyethene.
  • Extraction of metals by the reduction of metal oxides by Carbon
  • Greenhouse effect, the production of CO2 by burning of fossil fuels
  • Reactions of acid rain on the soil, metals and limestone rocks.
  • Respiration chemical reaction of glucose

Although beyond the scope of Key Stage 3 Chemistry, this set can also be used for GCSE Chemistry to model Hydrocarbon (Organic)
chemistry up to 6 carbons, including Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Addition polymers, Alcohols, Carboxylic acids, Esters, Amino acids,
Addition reactions of Hydrogen and halogens to Alkenes.

Contents: 66 Atoms and 70 links. This new molymod® set contains a total of 66 atoms and includes the following non metal elements from the periodic table: 14 Hydrogen; 12 Oxygen; 6 Nitrogen; 6 Carbon; 2 Sulphur, the Group 7 Halogen elements of: 2 Fluorine; 4 Chlorine; 2 Bromine; 2 Iodine and the following metals: 4 grey metal 1 hole (K, Na), 4 grey metal 2 hole (Mg, Ca, Zn, Fe), 4 copper 2 hole (Cu) and 4 grey metal 3 hole (Fe, Al).
Item No.: 3011862
Brand Molymod
MPN: MMS-012
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