Marijuana Campaign Kit

Marijuana Campaign Kit, 3011763, Drug and Alcohol Education
$ 3,825.00
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Use the seven different activities included in this kit to help you educate your community about the potential dangers that can result from recreational marijuana use. These activities provide an experience of cognitive impairments associated with recreational marijuana use and allow program participants to experience the modeled effects of distorted processing of visual information and alteration of visual perception, slower decision making, and loss of short-term memory. (Patent Pending)

Package includes: 1 Fatal Vision® Marijuana Simulation Experience Goggle with cloth protective bag, 12 Activity Balls with 3 fabric boxes, 400 Executive Function Double-sided Mazes, 10 LED Activity Pens, 1 USB with Road Scenes and User Guide, Wireless Pointer, 1 DVD – Marijuana: Does Legal Mean Safe?, 1 Grid Mat Activity (1 Grid Mat with clings, 12 Activity Lights), 1 DIES® (Danger In Every Step) Distracted Driving Activity Mat, 1 DIES® (Danger In Every Step) Marijuana Impairment Activity Mat and 1 carrying case. NOW ALSO INCLUDES the Executive Function Dry Erase Maze Boards.
Item No.: 3011763
Brand Innocorp, Ltd.
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