Calorimeter with Heating Coil, Pluggable, 1200 ml

Calorimeter with Heating Coil, Pluggable, 1200 ml, 1021155 [U8557740], Calorimeters
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Calorimeter for determining specifi c heat capacities, conversion energies of materials, mixing temperatures as well as measurement of electrical equivalents of heat. Consists of a double-walled, heat -insulating plastic container with an insulating vessel inside made of refl ecting glass, with heating coil and stirrer. Also includes a lid with an opening for a thermometer and two 4 mm plugs for connecting the power supply for the heating coil If necessary, the heating coil can be removed from the inside of the lid. Two plastic nets for safe loading of samples are included.
  • Max. heater voltage:                    25 V
  • Max. heating power:                    approx. 160 W
  • Contents of insulated container:  approx. 1200 ml
  • Dimensions:                                 approx. 240 mm x 120 mm diam.
  • Weight:                                         approx. 0.8 kg
Item No.: 1021155 [U8557740]
Weight 0.921 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
Previous Item No. 1000821
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