Pascal's Law Apparatus -
for the quantitative measurement of ground pressure

Pascal's Law Apparatus -
for the quantitative measurement of ground pressure, 1002957 [U15070], Pressure
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Application: ..
The Pascal's Law apparatus is used to demonstrate the hydrostatic paradox and allows for quantitative measurements of bottom pressure depending on the height of the liquid column.

Product Information: ..
The measurement system, Pascal's Law apparatus, consists of a metal base plate with a mounting bracket for an acrylic glass spout (with sealing rings and a rubber membrane) to hold the glass vessels. The liquid in the glass vessel exerts a force on the rubber membrane. The force is transmitted via a plunger from the membrane to the short lever arm of a two-arm lever. The force is magnified and displayed on a height-adjustable scale. A slot weight that can be moved along the long lever arm compensates for the force acting on the short lever arm.1
Four differently shaped glass vessels with the same base area and height are available for experiments. A level indicator can be used to mark the fill height of the glass vessels.1
A drain pipe at the back of the acrylic spout allows a hose to be connected for draining the liquid.

Specifications: ..
Height of the vessels: 220 mm
Tube diameter at the bottom: 22 mm
Total height: 350 mm
Base-plate area: 260 mm x 100 mm
Lever arm lengths: 20 mm, 175 mm
Drain pipe: 8 mm Ø
Mass of slotted weight: 20,4 g
Weight: 0,8 kg

Item No.: 1002957 [U15070]
Weight 1.44 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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