Lubricant Set (6 Packs)

Lubricant Set (6 Packs), 1017903 [W99999-491], Consumables
Pkg. of 6. For use with Life/form® Heart Catheterization Simulator (W44015); Life/form® Spinal Injection Simulator (W44031); Life/form® Female Catheterization Simulator (W44006); Life/form® Male Catheterization Simulator (W44005); Life/form® Prostate Examination Simulator (W44014); and Life/form® Pelvic Examination Simulators (W44745N, W44745A,W44745).


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Item No.: 1017903 [W99999-491]
Weight 0.419 kg
Brand Life/form
MPN: LF00985U
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