Inverting Spectacles

Inverting Spectacles, 1000895 [U8476730], Prisms
Inverting Spectacles, 1000895 [U8476730], Prisms
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Inverting Spectacles Complete with two fully rotating inverting prisms in a shielded spectacle frame. The inverting prisms produce a lateral inversion of the rays – the world thus turns "upside down". Besides being a lucid demonstration of the functioning of an inverting prism, experiments involving inverting spectacles encourage a better understanding of the visual process and the functioning of the brain. This also enables a better understanding of the visual perception of babies. Even the apparently simplest things in life (holding and picking up objects, drawing, orientating oneself in a room) become inconceivably difficult.

Demonstration of the path of rays through an inverting prism
Drawing and writing
Seeing, picking up and balancing objects
Throwing and catching a ball
Pouring water
Item No.: 1000895 [U8476730]
Weight 0.45 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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