Wire Sieve Net “Environment Explorer”

Wire Sieve Net “Environment Explorer”, 1003779 [W11702], Ekolojik Malzemeleri
Equipment Set “Environment Explorer”
Strong and versatile set of equipment for taking water and plankton samples, for catching flies, beetles, suspended particles, aquatic insects etc. or for collecting small creatures in soil from the beds of watercourses. The key component is a telescopic pole to which the various nets and collecting vessels can be attached.
Robust design, edge reinforced with metal ring mean that distortion is almost impossible, diameter 200 mm

The telescope tube is not included in the delivery.
Ürün No: 1003779 [W11702]
Sipariş hattımızdan bize direkt, kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz.

Sipariş hattı: 0212 422 8800
Ağırlık 0.57 kg
Ölçüler 21 x 12 cm

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