WiLab, 1022284, Veri kaydedici
WiLab, 1022284, Veri kaydedici
Very easy to use, inexpensive lab interface that connects to PC and Mac via USB. Bluetooth connection currently only to Android tablets, Chromebooks and iPads. 

WiLab is an easy-to-use interface for measurement and control through Primary and Middle up to High School. 

It can be used with computers (Mac, Windows), Chromebooks, tablets or smartphones, via Bluetooth or USB connection.  
It has its own processor and memory, enabling measurements at high sampling rates with accurate independent timing. 
For connecting sensors WiLab has two analog (right-handed) BT sensor inputs.
Additionally WiLab has two controllable built-in actuators, a buzzer and a RGB LED, which can be used in simple control experiments.

Included: USB cable and Power adapter. 

Sensors are powered by the WiLab. Thanks to BTLE 5, graphs can be displayed in real time and at high measurement frequencies (up to 100 kHz). It features a built-in, controllable buzzer and LED.

Resolution: 12 bit
Sampling rate: up to 100 kHz on one channel
Sensor inputs: two analog BT inputs
Computer software: Coach 7 or Coach 7 Lite
Power supply: via USB and rechargeable battery
Screen: without
Operating system: internal
Device software: without
Platform: PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android tablets, IPad
Connection: USB, Bluetooth 4 and 5
Computer software: Coach 7, Coach 7 Lite

  • WiLab supports two types of data collection, wireless via Bluetooth® for tablets (iPad, Android), Chromebooks, smartphones and wired via USB for computers (Windows and Mac) and Android tablets (via OTG cable). Status Led displays the connection status. 
  • Internal rechargeable battery accommodates multiple lab experiments and can be charged using provided power adapter or a USB cable. Battery life will depend on the sensors and features used but typically you can expect to use WiLab at least 4 hours (in case of 2 sensors connected) up to 8 hours without recharging it. To prolong battery life, automatic power down turns WiLab off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • WiLab is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, which supports Bluetooth 4 and Bluetooth 5 with compatible devices. The benefits of Bluetooth 5 are: range, speed, and bandwidth.
  • Coach 7 software automatically searches for WiLabs (Bluetooth devices) nearby. When one or more WiLabs are present the connection is automatically established to the strongest WiLab. 
  • Sensor inputs support as well new as old CMA sensors. 
  • WiLab can sample up to two sensors simultaneously. For measurement via one input maximum sampling frequency is 100 kHz, for measurement via two inputs simultaneously 50 kHz.
  • WiLab has two built-in actuators, a RGB LED located in the front and a buzzer located inside WiLab. RGB colors of the LED can be set to 16 intensity levels and the buzzer can generate 16 different tones. 
For connecting sensors WiLab has two analog (right-handed) BT sensor inputs. 
These inputs support all analog CMA BT sensors including Motion Detector BT55i (but excluding digital Motion Detector 0664) and automatically identify these sensors.
Older CMA sensors (without auto detection) are supported via Sensor Library in the Coach software.   

Software is required! To use WiLab, you need: 
On computers (Windows Mac) –  Coach 7 Lite program (free) or Coach 7 program (License fee) (starting from version 7.3)
On tablets and smartphones:  Coach 7 Lite App (free) or Coach 7 App (License fee) starting from version 7.3

Ürün No: 1022284
Ağırlık 0.223 kg
Ölçüler 12 x 6 x 3.5 cm
Marka CMA - Centrum voor Microcomputer
Sipariş hattımızdan bize direkt, kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz.

Sipariş hattı: 0212 422 8800

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