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Enhancing CPR skills with real-time feedback using Atlas Junior

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Cardiac emergencies are daunting, and when they involve children, the challenge is even greater. Training healthcare professionals to respond effectively in these high-stakes situations is crucial. Atlas Junior, paired with the innovative REALITi 360 simulation system, offers a sophisticated training platform that enhances CPR skills through real-time feedback, making it an indispensable tool in pediatric emergency response training.

Real-time quality CPR feedback


The integration of Atlas Junior with REALITi 360 allows trainers and learners to engage with an advanced feedback system that monitors and provides real-time data on CPR quality. This system assesses compression depth, frequenzy, recoil, respiration rate and ventilation volume, ensuring that each trainee can adjust their technique according to clinically accepted standards. The immediate feedback is vital for learning the correct force and rhythm required for effective pediatric CPR, which differs significantly from adult CPR due to the anatomical size and different physiological responses of children.

Simulation of manual defibrillation


Atlas Junior's capabilities include the simulation of automated and manual defibrillation, a critical procedure during cardiac arrests. The manikin is designed for the use of simulated defibrillators and pads, providing learners with hands-on experience in handling equipment, placing pads correctly, and executing defibrillation. This realistic practice helps demystify the process for new practitioners and enhances the competency of experienced providers in a safe, controlled environment.

Assessment and treatment of arrhythmias

With Atlas Junior and REALITi 360 you have the ability to simulate various cardiac arrhythmias, offering trainees the opportunity to recognize and respond to these conditions as they would in real-life scenarios. The REALITi 360 system supports this training by displaying real-time ECG readings, which are critical for diagnose and treatment decisions during pediatric cardiac emergencies. Trainees can practice identifying arrhythmias, understanding their implications, and applying appropriate interventions, such as synchronized cardioversion or pacing, under guided supervision.

Benefits of using Atlas Junior for CPR training

Utilizing Atlas Junior and REALITi 360 in pediatric resuscitation training offers several benefits:
  • Skill mastery: The real-time feedback and detailed debriefing capabilities allow trainees to master CPR skills quickly and effectively.
  • Increased confidence: Knowing how to handle the delicate dynamics of pediatric CPR increases confidence among healthcare providers, which is crucial specificly in pediatric cardiac arrest.
  • Enhanced preparedness: Continuous practice with realistic simulations like those provided by Atlas Junior prepares medical staff for a range of medical emergencies in children.
  • Improved patient outcomes: Ultimately, the enhanced training translates into better patient outcomes in real-world scenarios, as providers are well-prepared to perform under pressure.
In conclusion, Atlas Junior is more than just a pediatric manikin; combined with REALITi 360 it is a comprehensive training tool that brings the realities of pediatric emergency care with focus on pediatric advanced life support (PALS) into the classroom. By integrating real-time feedback and detailed medical simulations, Atlas Junior helps shape a new generation of healthcare professionals who are ready to respond with confidence and precision when every second counts in saving young lives.