Term Baby dark / female 

Term Baby dark / female , 1024676, Newborn
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Miracle of birth: Embracing Term Baby

Our Lifecast Body Simulation full term baby accurately represents a 36+ week new-born. It was designed to elevate the authenticity of training for healthcare providers, supporting both multidisciplinary team scenarios and individual training in newborn patient care.

This manikin serves as an ideal training solution for a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals, spanning neonatal patient care, emergency medical interventions, and resuscitation training, whether in dynamic team settings or for individuals.

An anatomically correct and highly realistic term baby manikin, helps healthcare professionals to:
  • Enhance established protocols to address the various complexities presented by new-borns.
  • Attain proficiency in the skills required for the optimal care of preterm infants, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • Develop emotional intelligence using realistic manikins which is integral to providing compassionate, effective, and high-quality healthcare.
Key features:
  • True average weight representation of 2400 grams
  • Anatomically accurate outer body
  • Anatomically correct internal airway ensure proper technique for:
ET/NP/OP tube insertion
  • Reactive chest that rises and falls when artificially ventilated. (This manikin is suitable for High frequency Oscillatory ventilation)
  • Realistic airway pressures and ventilatory volumes.
  • CPR capable chest
  • Designed to facilitate a 50/50 duty cycle during chest compressions
  • Drug administration through intraosseous routes *IO site to be purchased additionally to enhance the product. 
  • Drug administration up to 5mL through umbilical cord
  • Skin turgor for dry training of intravenous therapy
Delivery Content:
  • Term baby
  • Maintenance kit

Item No.: 1024676
Weight 2.2 kg
Brand Lifecast
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